Environmental Noise

F.R Mark & Associates provide complete environmental noise assessments covering industrial development, leisure, entertainment noise, transportation noise and construction noise.

The consultancy has produced noise impact assessments for  Environmental Statements presented in support of large schemes including residential development, industrial development, mineral planning, retail development, power production, major road and motorway schemes.

The consultancy can provide cost effective input into building design to minimise noise breakout and external noise break-in based on many years of experience in working to stringent budget requirements.

The consultancy  has extensive experience of all relevant noise policy and guidance documents including BS 8233, BS 4142, PPG 24, the National Planning Policy Framework, Mineral Planning Statements, the World Health Organisation Guidelines on Community Noise, the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the Calculation of Road Traffic Noise and ESTU-R97 for wind energy assessments

Full 3D noise modelling can be provided.