Building Acoustics

F.R. Mark & Associates provide an extensive building acoustics service based on extensive experience in this field.

Services include detailed internal design of theatres, churchs, cinema and multi-purpose spaces such as school halls and lecture theatres.

Full building acoustic design is also provided covering detailed input into building structures, service noise and vibration, partition design and internal surface design.

The consultancy has extensive experience of education development (BB93), health care development (HTM-08-01) and BREEAM assessments for residential and multi-use spaces to all recognised standards including BS 8233 and PPG24.

The consultancy can provide full 3D noise and internal acoustic modelling.

F.R. Mark & Associates are the only consultancy in Ireland qualified to conduct Pre-Completion Testing under the Association of Noise Consultants PCT scheme, a requirement of the bulding regulations in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.